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iphone 5c Water Damage Repair Spain Malaga Marbella

iphone 5c Water Damage Repair Spain Malaga Marbella

49.99 EUR
iFixmarbella is located near 20 mins from marbella

Repairs takes 20 mins

The most common fault is to repair a damaged motherboard thats water damaged. The iPhone 5c  is manufactured in a different way to the iPhone 4. The LCD and digitizer sometimes also needs to be replaced.

I do not offer a front glass only replacement service. when i see water damage

I provide a Water damage repair but the costs of the materials i use is non refundable materials is 69 euro each time

Whilst you are having your iPhone repaired, I would encourage you have the battery replaced at the same time, which will save you 20€ off the battery replacement price.

repairs for the iphone 5c that we do  These include home button, volume buttons, audio jack flex cable, internal speakers, wifi antenna, vibrator motor, camera, proximity and light sensor, microphone, and dock connector replacement. Please contact me if you need these items replacing and I will be happy to help.